Oysterville refers to a place that has been special to my family for five generations.  It's where the concept for our small batch, gluten free, corn vodka was born.  We have enjoyed the waters of Cape Cod, beautiful beaches, villages and the people in them.  We all have moments in life that define us, make us who we are.  We all have a story.  So pour an Oyster, find your special place and tell your story...

Several years ago my fiancé was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say our lives changed.  In that process of making healthier lifestyle choices we began to cook and live better.  Once we got through that period of time and we wanted to finally enjoy a drink, we found that beers and wines were loaded with sugars.  Other spirits just seemed too heavy; so when we had a spirit we would choose vodka.  There are approximately 97 calories in 1  1/2 oz. of 80 proof vodka, 0 mg sodium, 0 g sugar and 0 carbohydrates. One of the nice traits of vodka is that it can take on any flavor you give it.  We started to experiment with juicing fruits and vegetables, infusing herbs and adding them to our drinks.  No artificial sweeteners or simple syrups,  just fresh ingredients.  Our research was fun!  We also experimented with all sorts of vodkas and the process of how they were distilled, filtered and what they were made from: grains, winter wheats, corn, potatoes as much and as many we could find.  We tried them all!  After a while it became an obsession of mine to find a clean, smooth brand.  Still this wasn't enough...I wanted to learn about the whole process and (short of moonshining in my backyard) I did...very exciting! I realized I needed to work with someone who was a master distillor, that understood the craft and wanted to create something as great as I did so Oysterville Vodka was born!

Hopefully, in your life, you can recognize what's important. Chances are that the people around you have something to bring to the table, just like you do, and together great things happen!   

Oysterville Vodka is a smooth-tasting vodka, gluten free, made from corn in small batches using the heart of the mash, the good stuff!   Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!  Get out there, pour your Oyster, enjoy your special place and tell your story!